DrDeath AVK Berlin

Holocaust crime in Berlin

HIV-Enzephalitis multiresistent especially after lymphomatreatment as likely way of the migration of the virus to the brain

Diagnosed when it pops up in scans after tumor surveillance

With Intelence approved 2008 there is a highly effective option available but refused to ALL PATIENTS AT AVK


The house of final AIDS-Care a real Auschwitz with a KZ-Lady

Since 2008 only one person survived and ist prosecuted by German Nazi-Style Law via this KZ-Lady

The story of a world famous AIDS specialist in Berlin, Dr.Arastéh. Since the availability of Intelence (EU licence 2008) he got chief physician of AVK and I turned into one of his many patients doomed to die in his exclusive house to death for people from the AVK. A historical dark backyard building, not a hospice, there is only nursery service on site, no AIDS specialist of Berlin ever shows up there. Usually they arrive there already without AIDS treatment, they abandoned them to die more quickly. There is an alternative in Mother Theresa Style too, in Berlin, Tauwerk. All these facilties and an even more substandard place to drop people unwanted in society managed by Felix, a care provider associated with local AIDS-Support group, are on the gray market of care for people who are seriously sick and only wait to die. Of course nobody in Berlin shows responsible, for what’s going on there. I got squeezed out of AVK in 2012, dropped to Felix construction site. I was horrified there, could not even stand on my feet. I had still my old medication already over three years and still good but not the very best parameters. Viral activity in the brain was high, missing an effective agent despite it was available. The top hospital did not even make an up to date resistance profile. That is the deadly rationale under a totalitarian boss like Hitler in this hospital to die for many patients with AIDS. AVK has a monopoly in Berlin. I call Dr. Arastéh Heil Arastéh on German pages of my project. What was missing, a non cross resistant HIV-Med with penetratuion to brain. Well it did exist, Intelence, EU-Approval from 2008. Early Diagnosis and treatment would have prevented all my loss of abilieties, I would even still be able to ride my motorcycle.

That is the nightmare I had to  realize after I survived the horrible afterschocks after getting the rescue pill in the outside barrack of Auschwitz, the place where people are sent to die from AVK, called Caro, specialized for Final AIDS-Care on the WEB.  This is not a hospice, officially a housing project with separate rooms, shared bath, bad food for economc reason and really substandard. No tender loving care at all. When a person dies, the door is closed with a candle in front. I was supposed to end up that way.

I had some luck in the procedure to get into this house to die. And believe me I’m really the only survivor who ever was droppd there with the standard criminal procedure with legal handcuffs by a person who controls my way to death, German Law about taking custody over a person with disabilities. I got diagnosed dementia, untreatable by an ignorant dull psychiatrist, th standard of people to do this jobs at courts in Germany. 

This is the horror Story of German Psychiatry Laws.

What horrified my life since December 01 in 2012, the day I started with my rescue pill, is legal law that gives a person who got power over my life by judge decision, in German Betreuungsrecht, Care Law in english, all uncontrolled actions including demanding hospitalization in a closed Psychiatry ward for forced Psychopharmaceutical treatment for behaviour modification (Zwangsbehandlung in German). To get me into such a horrible place she starte mobbing at my last place to die, the outside barrack, where it was easy to get the tip to survive. After severe well documented mobbing I escaped on April 25 in 2013. An ugly nurse there did not give me my personal meds, that was criminal and was life threatening. In my emergency I rushed to AVK still not knowing the facts, that the total preventable ruin of my life was based on their decision of non treating. I could proof in documents that they never used this highly effective option even later. They pushed me into a psychiatry inferno sending me without informed consent to Bodelschwingh with the standard diagnosis for closed psychiatry Selbstgefährdung/Fremdgefährung (english Dangerous behavior against myself and others) after they had an illegal but standard phonecall with my Lady Death. My new medication was not recorded there. The last letter was sent to Bodelschwingh ahead, with the old meds and they gave no meds at all. After 3 hours delay I panicked upon arrival at Bodelschwingh, I realized I was trapped deadly. They rescued my life next morning, getting my meds from the only place available without interruption at the ugly nurse in Niebuhr. But the usual horror diagnoses manipulated in the first hour of arrival moved on to the procedure of forced confinement in psychiatry against my will with life threatening pschopharmaceutical behaviour modification. I could resist all and finally got out after Bodelschwingh suddenly said NO to everything. I had a severe post traumatic disorder but survived. Nobody thought I could survive, documented in papers, too. On my way to find out the reason for this horror after my rescue from death I finally got the complete documents of Bodelschwingh with the letter sent from AVK in August 2015. With a hardcore psychiatry diagnosis on the top I was not worth living anymore, because psychopharmaceutics to kill my personal willing should be used first line instead of my now already effective HIV-Treatment. That was the deadly goal from AVK, a hospital I trusted most and wanted to get me killed via this procedure in Bodelschwingh. Bodelschwingh rescued my life on my way out to freedom the morning after I arrived there, they picked up the complete meds an I was able to take them with my routine and instantly calmed down. But on that same day the standard procedure to get me under total control started with a torture session, protocoled by a dull judge, to proof me as lunatic with untreatable organic brain disorder. The nightmare of my life just in the beginning of recovery. A maximum State Crime to kill me like T4 in Nazi-history. 

I wrote a letter Dr. Arastéh to explain the reason for sending me to Bodelschwingh, no response. I started my Internetprojetc and Lady death went to court Mediengericht HH. She got protection of total anonymous for all things having to do with my case. That is a criminal action of protecting severe criminal acts against prosecution. Denial of the holocaust crime I just survived as cosquence of her letter to give her the power to put to death Total control to death Actions for my financial ruin started to force me to stop speaking out in public, still going on life threatening. The case against Dr. Arastéh is moving on with signs of ignorance by German Law System. I don’t find any lawyer here in Germany, because ist is a Nazi-Sytyle Crime. 

My person who got the power to take control over my life after I got the pill turned into a Lady Death and the Chief Physician of the hospital I trusted and survived two Lymphoma in 2002 and 2005 turned into a DoctorDeath and moved up to chief physician of AVK since 2008 and I was on my way down to the bottom of life, beginning in 2008, Intelence available and would have prevented every thing on my downward spiral to near death when I got my diagnosis.

In a letter of April 19 in 2011 the exact diagnosis

HIV Encephaltis but not yet PML

The only Retroviral in discussion AZT


NO up to date literature research and no up to date Resistance Profile, the death sentencte at this hospital, still going on. They tried to move me to Auschwitz Caro already after this letter. I am medical doctor myself and always had this letter in my mind on my further way down to die. This time till December 01 in 2012 were the two most horrible years of my life followed by the uptmost climax of horror set upon me with state force of German Psychiatry Law. You cannot imagine. It is ugly reality not phantasy.This is the Story of DrDeath Berlin on my major domain. Caro is Auschwitz with a KZ-Lady who could dictate everything on phone at AVK on the day I spoke up there on my escape from Niebuhr and she got an automatic invitation of there hardcore psychiatry Bodelschwingh, that is th standard routine of hardcore psychiatry with automatic killing your personal will. To proof my lunatic disease organic personality disorder a torture session with a psychodiagonstic test was performed like Guantanamo and perfectly protocoled by the dull judge. That is nightmare reality of German Law system. 

I need international support against German State of Terror, it is a Nazi-Style Crime. Complete Story in German with lots of documents. The story in English to be continued.

I am the only survivor of this procedure to death and prosecuted by German Court Decisions until now. Lifethreatening, no Lawyer in Germany to take my Case.


All patients in common have progressive HIV Enzepalitis

They all have multiresistant status to older retrovirals

Especially AZT the first choice for enzephalitis

At this leading hospital for AIDS-Care people with multirestant Status after a long history of treatments are definitely doomed to die. All Symptoms on my way down, loss of muscle power were ignored. This hospital is wating with the clear diagnosis until the moment, when leukencephalopathy shows clear up in MRT-scan. I had regular scan after post lymphoma supervision.

The crucial scan was done in March 2011 and obligatory differential diagnosis in a letter from April 19 in 2011. This is also a letter of the beginning of neglect. A highly potent alternative is available with worldwide approval, in the EU since 2008. 

An up to date resistance profile shows the opportunuty. Intelence has no cross resistence to older retrovirals and potency to penetrate the brain.

This pill rescued my life at the very last second. I got it in the outside barrack of Auschwitz Caro, a care provider outside AVK performed the necssary test and I finally got the pill. Meanwhile there is no sign of Leukenzephaloppathy seen in my last MRT scan.

That is a real succss story but due to German Laws I’m under constant prosecution by German Court orders since I escaped my horrible Nursery Place under total control of Berit Neubert fixed to me as Betreuerin, a person who gets the power to control my life by order of a judge. This is a standard illegal procedure.

Since January 20 in 2014 I’m free without handcuffs living totally independent. I started my research, why I was trappd after my rescue in the very last second.

I got the complete documents of the Psychiatry Hospital Bodelschwingh where I experienced the ultimate Trauma with heavy PTBS. I have survived the most extreme troture with protocol of the judge who sentenced me there and ordered a Doctor to write a paper, killing my free will and allowing compulsory Psychopharmaceuticals. It was a nightmare. Bodelschwingh was manipulated by a letter sent ahead of my arrival at Bodelschwingh. My new Meds were never available at AVK, proofed by written documents. Bodelschwing showed me this letter in my documents. They could have taken it away easily. But the German Law System is a Maffia System. 

It is the Story of my absolutely preventable total ruin of my health. I am prosecuted because I survived. My person to take car of me, Betreuerun, Lady Death does organize this State of Terror to protect DrDeath, all documented  in written papers. 

This is a horror crime in NAZI-Style.

This horror was directed by the same hospital, AVK in Berlin, that had ruined my health and meanwhile has killed lots if people. GERMAN AIDS-SUPPORT GROUP IS ABSOLUTELY IGNORANT, THEY PREFER THEIR MOURNING PROCEDURES FOR WORLD AIDS DAY LIKE THE OLD DAYS


I am the only survivor of this hospital with a treatment monopoly in Berlin who survived since 2008. Nobody else got this pill, I got it from a tip outside AVK. The horror of prosecution by German Law at Mediengericht HH started on May 05 2015, in consequence to a letter from me to the Chief Physcycisn of AVK, the hospital, that has sent me to hell Bodelschwingh without any informed Consent and after an illegal phone call with my Law Person Berit Neubert. DrDeath as I call Dr Arastéh in my German site is still banning the highly effective option I got from Moll. 

Intelence proofed to be highly effective.

I started in December 1 in 2012 and now no signs at my last MRT scan

Al I could investigate shows still neglect of this option at AVK

That is the reason, why my case is not moving on

The lawyer and law people here in Germany still acting against me

Dr.Arastéh still Chief physician and nobody looks up the dying people

I am under severe State Prosecution because I doe speak out these ugly facts over the Internet, hosted now at Godaddy.

All my German Providers acted with geoblocking or total blocking the story

No Lawyer in Germany picks up my Case 

I am in Emergency international help needed

It is a Nazi Style Crime of a Chief Physician who turned to Mengele

The ignorant Nazi Style Law System in Germany wants to kill me



Any liberal State out there to take my case to Den Haag

or help me trapped in German Law System

Dr. Med. Werner Mayer

Rudolf-Reusch-Str. 21

D 10367 Berlin

Phone +49 15170521802

E-mail crime@dr-death-berlin.berlin

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